So, What the fucking hell are waifus?
      No, really, what the fucking hell are waifus? I've done this TOR website trying to explain that shit and still i don't know.

So, what are waifus?

A waifu is the best girlfriend you will ever have.

It doesn't matter if you're ugly or if you're too shy to say to a real girl: "Hi. I want to have children and a long life at your side"; whatever, your waifu will be the best girlfriend you'll ever have! She'll love you no matter how you look or how you are, wheter if you're a circumcised jew or simplily a nigga, your waifu will love you. She will stay at your side no matter what.

Your waifu always will be your girlfriend always that you love her and you give her what she deserves (a.k.a: my computer's and cellphone's background is her and only her, i have in my 2005 computer a folder full of only photos of her, etc...), and she will give you the warmness and love no real girl is ever going to give you in such honest way.

It doesn't matter if the other are bullying and laughing at you (LOL, WHAT A LOSER) because you have green socks and you don't have a fidget spinner (kids my era bullied stupid children, looks like the kids today just laugh at you because you don't play with autistic toys every damn second, this generation is retarded as fuck, their insults are also so bad, what a fucking retards hell...). Your waifu is always ready to comfort you, and show you that there is a reason to don't commit suicide and keep with your existence: her!

Your Waifu will be always there just for you.

Yeah! It doesn't matter if you went for a trip with the person that adopted you, your waifu will wait until you come back the time that is needed. Generally normal girls can't do this, but your waifu really does! Her love for you is unconditional, even if you betrayed her with a real girl, when you realize that girl was just playing with you your waifu will be ready to hug you and give you again her love.

Your waifu is always sexually avaible to you, unlike real girls that just drop excuses such as "i'm not in the mood", your waifu will be ready to have sex with you. How do you have sex with your waifu if she's not real? Imagination of course; imagine whatever you want to do with her, and she will be always there. It doesn't matter if you want her to dress like a bunny or to simply just call you in a determinated way, if you order her with your imagination whe will do it. She will happy to receive your imaginated cum, she can even get pregnant for you if you wish to fuck her like that.

Good waifu equals good laifu.

If you have a good and beautiful waifu just for you, your laifu (life) will be good and beautiful no matter what happen. If your waifu is unique to you, and not used by everybody else it will be better; that's why i recommend everybody not to pick the popular waifus, but the lonely and unpopular waifus; these are way better than the popular ones in many things, such as the fact that they only are loved by you and not someone else.

Your waifu comes out to be your girlfriend, and if you let her she will be your wife (why would we call them "waif-us" then?) forever marrying her and just giving out your love to her forever. I know you're saying shit likely "but isn't that weird?", but HELL NO! Nothing is weird these times sexually, if there is people sexually identified as attack helicopters, why won't you be happy with your waifu? Fuck all the standards, if they can make their shit be accepted, why won't you make your love for your waifu be accepted too?

Your waifu is unique, and definitively one of the best things that will happen in your life. Just having a woman like your waifu loving and thinking about you all the time just warms up your heart, and your will to suicide decrease in a shitty ton. Just live your life with your waifu, that's the best option you can do. When you come back of school, work, being raped at servers, whatever, she will be waiting just to saludate you and give you a warm hug; and if you are in the mood she will be ready just to give you the needed satisfaction.

Don't miss the chance! Go to the internet and search for the waifu that will fill your heart right now!